LOOP 1.0

Loop 1.0 / Memo(r)ize
1.0 _ content creation

Main theme for this research project is memory. Human associative flows and computer generated threads.

The conditions: a set-up for testing of a Flash tool. Four persons tell us personal memories in short, looped movies stored in a database. They look straight into the camera, sometimes they glance at the person telling a memory, sometimes they react with other means. The sequences are controlled by an hidden, almost intuitive navigation. No buttons for click and start. More touch and feel. The randomness in the selection created of the application.

The set-up creates a narrative framework of personal statements. Fragments that can be viewed in new orders and sequences. The intention here is to broaden the narrative tools in interactive storytelling with a physical navigation. A common theme for the content in the statements supports this associative narration. Selected theme: childhood. Visual images from childhood. Yet another element is added: colour.

The overall issues we want to examine:
Can the human memory's associative process act as a framework when creating mock-ups for interaction?
Can the loop as a narrative element support this process?

Michael Johansson / Thore Soneson

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Thore Soneson


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