Based on scenarios from the
animated world ABADYL created
by artist Michael Johansson

IN SEARCH OF THE MILITANT CODE tells the story of journalist Tom Hasper who sets out to investigate a group of female hackers and graffiti artists. The story was created as a piece of investigative journalism, a mix of pure fiction, theoretical views and facts sampled from www sources.

“Media still delivers facts and stories through conventional channels. All information - even the digitally stored - must be processed and transferred via different reproductive media. This in an age when scientists researching memo techniques are getting close to master the ultimate form of communication; being able to scan the human mind for information, opening a direct tap from the flow of images, scents and emotional experiences stored in the grey brain wrinkles of every individual. The future journalist are more than a communicator, she/he IS the media. "The art of being there" will be a reality for all with access to the technology of tapping into a reporters memory storage.”
Quote from the original story written by Thore Soneson as a piece of investigative journalism.


In the 3D modelled world Abadyl with social, political and aesthetical statements and description of characters and lifestyles, originally created by artist Michael Johansson, we meet an investigative reporter who tries to set up an interview with a female graffiti artist.
A digitally enacted and constructed narrative, using a mix between realistic video shots in real life settings, set design created environments, still images and mobile phone mpeg movies with 3D created textures and animated setups from the world Abadyl.

The narrative are constructed using multiple storylines. A mediacritical level develops parallel as the actual events enfolding. The different levels of narration are –
the present real time now, the reporter investigate, makes notes, and travels through underground and wasteland settings. A mix of subjective images, mobile phone images and sound notes made on the spot.
an emotional involvement between the reporter Tom Hasper and the graffiti artist CODE set up as memory flashback sequences.
on the spot impressions from the female artists work and thoughts, a cut-up interview sampled from actual electronic activists.
a story in a television magazine show put together of the secret graffiti artists messages and actions and the omnipotent news editors view of the events.

In this version of IN SEARCH OF THE MILITANT CODE we present a short movie in a traditional linear story mode for screening and on-line viewing, 14.55 minutes length.
The shot image material consist of a series of scenes and sequences that in a future expanded version will be produced for viewing in an installation form with four screens; an interactive story room with database structure controlled by means of digital tracking devices.